Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer

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Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer is beer for dogs, obviously!

Not to be confused with Brewdog, Bottom Sniffer is a non-alcoholic, uncarbonated beer for dogs brewed with dandelion and burdock that’s supposed to leave your dog’s ass smelling better than it currently does.

“The brew contains Dandelion & Burdock along with an array of other herbs to endow your pooch with a delectably-scented sphincter. All the other dogs will either be chasing after that arse or wishing that they possessed such a fragrant rump.”

A 4-pack of the beer costs £12.99, so you really have to consider just how important your dog’s butt temporarily smelling better is worth to you.

Read more from the source, and maybe buy some!: Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer

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