Mr Porky Strips.

Well, that’s what I thought it said at first glance, but I was wrong. Maybe I was just hoping to see a bit of skin!

20160919 133735b 1 - Mr Porky Strips... Oh, Crispy Strips

So, it looks like Mr Porky is renaming Pork Crunch, but maybe not. By the looks of the illustration on the front of the bag, these look like a cross between Pork Scratching skin (not the fat) and Pork Crunch. Well, whatever they are, we will be trying them very soon.

The pink bag is a bit of a curveball. Pink for pig, pink for skin or… pink for a girly snack? It says ‘lower fat’ on the front too! They weight 45g and on the back of the bag, it says ‘2 servings’ WTF! Seriously, doesn’t Mr Porky understand anything about its customer base? If you are presented with a bag of scratchings, you will eat them. You will eat them all.

Lower down the back of the pack it mentions storage instructions with the questioning heading ‘Why would you want to store them’ and the instructions say ‘Once opened, consume immediately’. Well, this is bloody confusing. You present me with a bag of porky goodness, that I want to eat completely, I then find out I’m eating 2 servings, so I decide to eat half a bag, but then I’m then questioned ‘why would you want to store them’ and am told ‘once opened, consume immediately’ so I capitulate and eat them all, which is what I was going to bloody do in the first place. The nanny state is drunk with power and should not be part of the pork snack industry. We are adults.

Fair enough, if you are trying to make your snack seem less fatty than glorious pork scratchings, then all is good, say 2 servings. Most of us eat pork scratchings with our eyes wide open. They contain 28g of fat per 100g which is about the same as a bag of crisps, and far less than regular scratchings. Fat is flavour, so who knows what these will taste like. They do contain MSG which is always a good sign.

These were bought from Sainsbury’s for £1.00. It seems like it’s the same price, if not cheaper to buy scratchings from the pub, and seeing as that the bar is where all hairy snacks should be bought, this seems like another damn good reason to go out for a beer, meet your friends, drink nice beer, eat nice snacks. Long live the Pub.

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