The perfect bar snack – crisps but not like crisps you have had before hop infused crisps – Andrew Wilcox DOT Net

The brilliant craftbeer bar Urban Tap House in Cardiff is experimenting with bar snacks and the latest edition are the amazing hop crisps. Made with Maris piper potatoes then cooked in vegetable […] Read more from the source: The perfect … Continued

Bacon, Yes, Caramel, Yes – best bar snacks in Cardiff ever – Andrew Wilcox DOT Net

First it was the amazing hop infused crisps, now Paul from the Urban Tap house has outdone himself with his candied bacon strips. This is not a review just a celebration of what is good with the […] Source: Bacon, … Continued

Making Bacon – Bonus: you get to make pork scratchings too!

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Oli from Om Nom Frickin Nom (dot) Com has emailed us… I just made bacon this weekend. Why am I telling you? Because a byproduct is… pork scratchings! Read more and see the full method / recipe:

Guest Review – Pork Scratchings from Northampton Market Butcher’s Van

Name: Diane Lester Review: hi I bought a bag of loose pork scratchings from the buthers van on Northampton market. They were just how i like them, good amount for £1.50. not too salty a good layer of fat just … Continued

Pork scratchings round the rim! Robert Florence, dining in the dark.

Pork Scratchings used round the rim of a cocktail glass. Land course: Slow cooked venison loin, cured ham and white asparagus paired with a bacon infused bourbon old-fashioned with orange, bitters and maple syrup HS:“It’s got pork scratchings round the … Continued

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