Tom Kerridge the Chef Lost 150 Pounds Eating Pork Scratchings!

Tom Kerridge the Chef Lost 150 Pounds Eating Pork Scratchings If you think it’s hard to stick to healthy new year’s resolutions—make healthier meal choices, work out more, and maybe shift a couple of pounds—just imagine how difficult it must … Continued

Bacon’s Heir – Pork Clouds / Dust / Soap

Bacon’s Heir Make Pork Clouds (Pork Crunch) / Pork Dust (Ground Pork Crunch) / Pork Soap (Soap made from recycled cloud frying olive oil). Clouds come in a variety of groovy looking flavours (Cinnamon Ceylon, Rosemary & Sea Salt, Malabar … Continued

Mr Trotter comes to town

Earlier this week, Rupert from Mr Trotters paid a visit to HBS towers, aka The Victoria Tavern, Loughton. We drank fine ales, ate fine scratchings, spoke fine words. hairybarsnacks Visitor from the big smoke, Rupert from @mr_trotters, welcome to@hairybarsnacks towers. … Continued

Pork Scratching of the year 2015 – tell us your favourite

Each year we review many different varieties of pork scratching… Each year (Since 2005 A.D.), we secretly award to the best of the year, the prestigious ‘pork scratching of the year’ award. Click here to see the previous winners. However, … Continued

More important than the Zimbabwean General Election… it’s TIME TO VOTE!

Scratchings / Crackling / Crunch Which is best, see them face off, head to head. Click here to join in and share your choice, if you dare. * it’s a left or right thing * very simple * no sign … Continued

Hairy Bar Snacks is now on Vine! #vine

Good heavens, whatever next? We’ve had a #vine account for a while now, but never had cause to use it. So, last week, we got two special deliveries. The first was from Claudias Kitchen, Jerk Flavour Pork Crackling. The second … Continued

A few words we put together…

…becomes a term, quoted by one of the best manufacturers of Pork Scratchings around, Midland Snacks. Pork Scratchings Poker: Pass the pigs By Roland Ellison One Powys publican launched a poker night with pork scratchings as chips after an idea … Continued

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