Mr Trotter comes to town

Earlier this week, Rupert from Mr Trotters paid a visit to HBS towers, aka The Victoria Tavern, Loughton. We drank fine ales, ate fine scratchings, spoke fine words. hairybarsnacks Visitor from the big smoke, Rupert from @mr_trotters, welcome to@hairybarsnacks towers. … Continued

Start Bay Inn review – Torcross, Devon

Nice pub, Great take away fish and chips on the beach. Reviewed by HBS regular Phil. Ed: nice one Phil, good in depth analysis of the situation. Black Country Snacks – Q Pork Crackling – Pork Idol Winner

The perfect bar snack – crisps but not like crisps you have had before hop infused crisps – Andrew Wilcox DOT Net

The brilliant craftbeer bar Urban Tap House in Cardiff is experimenting with bar snacks and the latest edition are the amazing hop crisps. Made with Maris piper potatoes then cooked in vegetable […] Read more from the source: The perfect … Continued

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