Aldi – British Pork Crackling Sheets – YouTube

Aldi are now selling British Pork Crackling Sheets! As you may have guessed they are NOT available from the bedding department. Let’s go to Aldi and see what all the fuss is about! p.s. Phil, hold the camera the other … Continued

Pork Crackling Advent Calendar – The Snaffling Pig Co

A Pork Crackling Advent Calendar from The Snaffling Pig Co. Advent calendars are great, right? Wonderfully delivering daily countdown-based treats, encouraging early morning snackage, and gleefully throwing normal eating times out of the cardboard window. But, if you’re more of … Continued

You can buy a Pork Scratching & snack distribution company from eBay!

Who would have thought… You can buy a Pork Scratching & snack distribution company from eBay! What next? cars that drive themselves, a phone that can take pictures, shoes that roll along, a machine that can wash dishes, stairs that … Continued

Hairy Bar Snacks is now on Vine! #vine

Good heavens, whatever next? We’ve had a #vine account for a while now, but never had cause to use it. So, last week, we got two special deliveries. The first was from Claudias Kitchen, Jerk Flavour Pork Crackling. The second … Continued

Snaffling Pig Rebrand

Snaffling Pig sent us this a few days ago… Hello, We’re the Snaffling Pig ( and we’re on a mission: To use big, bold flavours and innovative formats to take the humble (but awesome) pork crackling to places it’s never … Continued

A few words we put together…

…becomes a term, quoted by one of the best manufacturers of Pork Scratchings around, Midland Snacks. Pork Scratchings Poker: Pass the pigs By Roland Ellison One Powys publican launched a poker night with pork scratchings as chips after an idea … Continued

Guest Review – Pork Scratchings from Northampton Market Butcher’s Van

Name: Diane Lester Review: hi I bought a bag of loose pork scratchings from the buthers van on Northampton market. They were just how i like them, good amount for £1.50. not too salty a good layer of fat just … Continued

#freshersfoods – Would you try Bramley apple-flavoured pork scratchings?

#freshersfoods #porkscratchings #bramleyapple A business executive is hoping for snack success with a flavour combination he thinks will go down well in his home town and beyond. Source: Would you try Bramley apple-flavoured pork scratchings? | Newark Advertiser

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