Father’s Day 2016: How do we get our children to buy us alcohol?

Well, there are only a few days left until Father’s Day, so if you haven’t press ganged the kids into getting you anything yet, some of the following alcoholic gifts may inspire you. Hmmm… It may be difficult to get … Continued

Mr Trotter comes to town

Earlier this week, Rupert from Mr Trotters paid a visit to HBS towers, aka The Victoria Tavern, Loughton. We drank fine ales, ate fine scratchings, spoke fine words. hairybarsnacks Visitor from the big smoke, Rupert from @mr_trotters, welcome to@hairybarsnacks towers. … Continued

#freshersfoods – Would you try Bramley apple-flavoured pork scratchings?

#freshersfoods #porkscratchings #bramleyapple A business executive is hoping for snack success with a flavour combination he thinks will go down well in his home town and beyond. Source: Would you try Bramley apple-flavoured pork scratchings? | Newark Advertiser

Fowl Scratchings, a snack made from chicken skin

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#fowlscratchings #hairybarsnacks #porkscratchings We received the first white label versions of Fowl Scratchings in 2014. Since then, they have been developed and improved, and now… Fowl Scratchings hit the market… The savoury snack is the brainchild of advertising copywriter Robert … Continued