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Welcome back [subscriber:firstname | default:scratchings lover],
It's Friday the 4th of September.
The pubs are open again!
If you are in the pub, hopefully, you are being sensible. Staying safe and thinking about other people.
If you are at home, having a nice cold can of supermarket beer, happy days.
Either way, if you are looking for a few short articles to read, then these may be of interest!
Happy reading

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Pork Rind Heritage Festival - Harrod, Ohio, USA

Pork Rind Heritage Festival - Harrod, Ohio, USA
Obviously, everyone has a saved search or two on eBay. I have one for the term 'pork rind', you know, just in case, so I can keep my finger on the pulse. Keeping up with the latest goings-on in the star-studded world of pork-based snacks and other paraphernalia. Well, anyway, the other day, this popped up in the feed... WTF …

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