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Welcome back [subscriber:firstname | default:scratchings lover],
It's Friday the 2nd of October.
The pubs are open again!
If you are in the pub, hopefully, you are being sensible. Staying safe and thinking about other people.
If you are at home, having a nice cold can of supermarket beer, happy days.
Either way, if you are looking for a few short articles to read, then these may be of interest!
Happy reading

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The Pork Scratchings Advent calendar comes early to 2020!

Snaffling Pig Advent Calendar 2020
It's September 2020, time for the Snaffling Pig 2020 Pork Scratching Advent Calendar It's not October, not November and not December. When is the right time? The annual question is floating around playgrounds all over the UK... When is the right time for companies to be putting Christmas stuff in their shops? Personally I always thought that 30 seconds after …

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