Cheap Pork Scratchings Advent Calendars now available

I received a ‘pork scratchings’ alert from eBay this morning which told me that there was an auction for a pork scratchings advent calendar. It had a low low starting bid of 99p which is very cheap. Wow, what a good deal I thought. The time is now right to buy buy buy! Have a look.

It’s because time is running out for the sellers

As mentioned in my Pork Scratchings Advent Calendars page, published a while back, I outlined that, if you can wait a little while after the 1st of December, or even until next year, you can grab yourself some porky bargains of the advent type. Just like all time-sensitive products, if you can buck the trend and buy when others are not. You can grab yourself a bargain or two.

It’s easy. If stocks prices are falling, buy. If they are rising, sell. BTW: ever take financial advice form a pork scratchings website. Get valentines gifts on the 15th of February. It’s more romantic that way! Buy Pumpkins in November. You can actually eat them. Buy diaries in February. Nothing important ever happened in January. Except buying Christmas cards, wrapping paper, children’s presents, mince pies, turkeys, brussels sprouts. Click on the links when it’s the wrong time of year. If the link is to an online shop, you’ll see the price is good, but if you are not sure, check the price history with the amazing website Camel Camel Camel, it will show you if it’s a good price or not. maybe you can save some money! You get the idea.

Is anyone else selling in the falling market?

So I had a little look around to see if anyone else is selling in the falling market. Someone out there may have overstocked on the pork scratching advent calendars!

pork scratching advent calendars - Cheap Pork Scratchings Advent Calendars now available

Sure enough, there were some sites selling cheap pork scratchings advent calendars!

Amazon is selling the Snaffling Pig Advent Calendar for £9.99 with free delivery for prime members.
Click here to take a look

UPDATE… A few days after Christmas 2019, An amazon seller dropped the price to £3.99 including delivery. This is the cheapest we have ever seen. The seller must have loads left to be seeling them so cheaply!

Online gadget store ‘Menkind‘ is selling the Snaffling Pig Advent Calendar for £6.00!
But UK postage of a fiver takes the price up to £11.00.
Click here to have a look

Good luck, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. yadda yadda.

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