Is there any food nutritionally worse than pork scratchings?
Someone has asked this question in the Guardian, and we the public have been asked to give our answers!

If you ask me, a simple animal product cooked in another animal or vegetable product with some added sea-based condiment can be no worse than half the stuff I see on a daily basis in the supermarket.

I’m not advocating a diet solely consisting of pork scratchings, everything in moderation* but come on, there’s a lot of shit on the supermarket shelves (let’s not get started about excessive packaging!).

Some things trying to be something they are not. Some containing additives that surely can’t be good for you. Some adding sugar to reduce the fat content. Some trying to baffle us with the traffic light system of RDAs, products listing grammes of sodium and not the salt just to lower the numbers. Packaged food these days seems to just be one great big CON reliant on half-truths and our busy lifestyle stopping us from noticing what we are actually buying.

Look on the back of a bag of scratchings, you see the ingredients, the weight (shame on you if you don’t list this) of the bag, the calories, fat, salt. it’s all there. And with eyes wide open we choose to eat them every now and then. I probably eat fewer bags of scratchings than most of the people who read this blog, but who cares.

Pork scratchings are a simple food. I have always found that simple is better, less is more.

What should we eat?

Well, have a listen to this episode of the Sam Harris Podcast (thumbs up to big Sam!).
Sam Harris speaks with Gary Taubes about his career as a science journalist, the difficulty of studying nutrition and public health, the growing epidemics of obesity and diabetes, the role that hormones play in weight gain, the controversies surrounding his work, and other topics.
Gary Taubes is the author of Why We Get Fat; Good Calories, Bad Calories; and The Case Against Sugar.

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Source: Is there any food nutritionally worse than pork scratchings? | The Guardian

* except for a few obvious sexual deviancies.

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