Make supermarket booze more expensive, says think tank.

I don’t know about you, but this all seems very wrong.

Here’s an idea Mr ‘Think Tank’, why don’t we tier the tax rates on beer and other drinks that are sold in pubs. If you agree with me, then write to your MP, and tell them Hairy Bar Snacks has had a good idea.

The idea

It’s simple, the rate of tax on the beer would rise in line with the quantity of beer that the pub sells, just like income tax is tiered. The rich pay more, the pubs that sell more pay more. The most in need pay less. Obvious.

So, If you are a small local pub, you can charge less per pint because you don’t seel that many pints. This, in turn, attracts more punters. Which would then revitalise the local pub and the community?

As you sell more beer, the tax rate would increase, but you can cope with this because you are selling more beer.

For the larger chain pubs and bars, they would pay more tax, because they can cope with it, due to the profits they make.

It’s just an idea, but I can’t see the downside!

108634007 beer - Make supermarket booze more expensive, says think tank

Alcohol should be more expensive in supermarkets compared with pubs, says think tank.

Source: Make supermarket booze more expensive, says think tank – BBC News

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