Beef rinds turn cattle hides into snacks

TWO business partners in the US have begun repurposing cowhides into a snack product.

The Holy Cow brand of beef rind snacks takes inspiration from Indonesian cuisine, where ‘crackers’ made from beef skin are commonly eaten as a snack.

The hide market remains highly depressed as cheaper synthetics significantly impact worldwide demand for leather. Nearly 16 percent of all hides produced in the US last year went to landfill because there was no market for them.

Company co-founder Javon Bangs, an accountant who was born and raised in rural Washington State, said he and his business partner set out to find ways to help local farmers reduce their waste, and found beef skins to be a valuable food.

beef rinds - It was only a matter of time before Beef Rinds became a thing!

“Instead of discarding them in landfills, we’re upcycling them into a nutrient-dense snack,” he says.

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