Marks & Spencer Crackling Crisps

Look what HBS roving reporter Phil found today, they are called ‘Marks & Spencer Crackling Crisps’…

marks and spencer crackling crisps 1 768x1024 - Marks & Spencer Crackling Crisps

“On a recent trip to Marks & Spencer, I spied these little beauties in one of the fridges. They have a fairly short shelf life which would seem like a good idea and being kept in the fridge, hopefully, they will stay fresh for longer.”

Well Phil, I think this is a loose sense of the term ‘crisps‘ but maybe I’m wrong. I was under the impression that crisps (ships in the US) are made from potato. But I think I can see what’s going on here. Marks & Spencer are trying to sanitise the product, distancing it from the skin, fat, hair aspects that a true scratching lover admires. Crisps, they are nice and friendly, the sort of thing you may have in a bowl at a dinner party. I suppose Marks & Spencer could make them long and thin and straight and call them straws!

Cheers Phil, keep up the good work.

And if anyone else finds a brand of pork scratchings that we have not seen before, then please let us know, contact us… thanks


  1. I’m after a Pork scratching that ISNT cooked in vegetable oil. Anybody know if these are? Any brands that aren’t?

    1. Author

      These M&S ones are baked, it says on the front, so, no fat/oil used.
      Most varieties of pork scratching are cooked in animal fat, invariably pig fat, sometimes lard. If you look at the ingredients on a bag, you never see ‘vegetable oil’ as an ingredient, which proves it.
      So, in answer to your question, they all aren’t cooked in vegetable oil.
      read the ingredients to be sure.
      hope this helps.

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