Awfully Posh Pork Crackling Delivery

A few days ago, we received an awfully posh delivery. A rather stern-looking gentleman wearing a suit and tie, sporting a bowler hat, monocle and waxed moustache arrived at my door with a package. No, just kidding, it was some dude in a big white van with a package. anyway…

awfully posh delivery 1024x768 - Awfully Posh Delivery

A few days before this, I had posted a new article on the Hairy Bar Snacks Blog titled the rise and rise of luxury pork scratchings. Something in my new found Search Engine Optimisation skills had somehow allowed this article to be found by Tom at Awfully Posh Snacks. His ears were burning as I wrote the article, somehow he knew that the crackling he produced was being mentioned on the old interweb.

No sooner had the article been posted than a fresh email arrived in my inbox “Hi Steve, it would be great to get an AP review on the site, thanks, Tom”.

So I replied as quickly as I could. I gave young Tom the postal address of HBS Towers. A few days later a box of his goodness arrived.

I ripped open the packaging and this is what I saw:

awfully posh box 1024x768 - Awfully Posh Delivery

I then opened the box to discover these beauties:

awfully posh pork crackling 1024x768 - Awfully Posh Delivery

We will be trying them soon, so stay tuned for more.
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If you can’t wait for the review, you can buy them here:

Why not write your own review and send it to us. You can become famous.

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