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i heart pork scratchings - Teenage T-Shirt
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Teenage T-Shirt

i heart pork scratchings Teenage T-Shirt

Product details
T-shirt for teenagers, 100% cotton. Brand: B&C
GBP 9.99

Product Details

A classic item for big and small: Our favourite piece of clothing – also for kids and teens. An all-time favourite with everyone! Absolutely essential for the playground, school and sport.

  • For teenagers aged 10 to 14 years (also available for kids)
  • high quality fashioning with double-stitched seems
  • straight cut
  • rugged fabrics 185g/m²
  • Material: 100% cotton
size,width=130,height=130 - Pork Scratchings
Size134/146 (9-11 Years)152/164 (12-14 Years)
Dimension A (cm)22.0524.8
Dimension B (cm)16.5417.72

detail,width=560,height=150 - Pork Scratchings

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