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pickled eggs - Full Colour Mug
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  • 1,width=100,height=100,appearanceId=2,typeId=949 - Pork Scratchings
Full Colour Mug

pickled eggs Full Colour Mug

Product details
Ceramics mug in full colour, brand: Print Equipment
GBP 10.99

Product Details

Fresh colour for your breakfast area: A fresh and colourful lift to your morning mood to give your hot brew a great look.

  • Material: 100% ceramics
  • Capacity: 325ml
  • Full colour mug (inside and outside)
  • Hand wash only
size,width=130,height=130 - Pork Scratchings
SizeOne Size
Dimension A (cm)3.74
Dimension B (cm)3.15

detail,width=560,height=150 - Pork Scratchings

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