Cheap Pork Scratchings… SIX BAGS FOR A QUID! That is cheap.

If your Pork Scratching habit is costing you the earth, then frankly, you could do a lot worse than getting some of these, I mean, they seem to have enough stock!

‘GTS Snacks’ has re-branded as ‘The Real Pork Crackling Co‘, they were found by roving reporter Phil at ‘The Range, Harlow .

cheap pork scratchings 1 - Cheap Pork Scratchings - But are they the cheapest?
Cheap Pork Scratchings

The best value pork scratchings

However, if you are looking for the best value pork scratchings, then look no further.
Cheapness is a combination of the cost and size of the packet (or total weight).

Cost vs Value

But, as we all know, cost and value are different things, so, the best value scratchings must be a combination of the cost, the size of the packet and finally the quality of the product.
There’s no point in buying a big cheap bag of rubbish scratchings.
The best value pork scratchings are Jay’s Pork Scratchings from Home Bargains.
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