Jay's Tasty Pork Crunch Review

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Bag Size: 30 g
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Reviewed 25th July 2008

Purchased from: Free sample pack greatly appreciated

A very gas filled bag that almost pops when you open it. It's fairly easy to open so there is no explosion!
They smell quite unique, I'm going to have to ask some other tasters, what they think these smell like, because I can't quite work it out yet.

The usual one and a half inch pork crunch squares, no massive or tiny ones, but all are super curly, curled over, and not flat.
The usual light brown colouration, so not under or over cooked.
These are very light and puffy, no density whatsoever, however they are so blisteringly fresh, they have a type of crunchiness that it extremely unusual for pork crunch, almost bordering on a light scratching crunch.

Because pork crunch pieces are so large and fresh, I find that they scratch my gums, they don't cut me but I do chomp carefully.
They don't have much added flavouring, but every now and then you notice a little bit, so you know it's there. Because of this you are compelled to taste the skin, and not a flavouring.

They are not very salty which as per usual is a disappointment at the start but a welcome relief at the end.
The only complaint I have is that when you eat a large piece of pork crunch, after much chewing, you are left with a dry residue left in your mouth, a bit like when you try to eat a dry Jacob's cream cracker.

No small bits at the bottom, except one piece that has missed the frying process, and it's like a normal piece of pork scratching.

Thanks to Nigel Moore at Midland Snacks

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