T.J., Big Bag Pork Scratchings Review

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Bag Size: 80 g
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Reviewed 7th June 2008

Purchased from: Edgebaston Convenience Store

When we opened this bag, we all racked our brains for what they smelled like, someone said, "they smell like a guinea pig". Well not knowing what this pig type flavour smells like, I bow to their superior range of smell knowledge.
They are super crunchy, which is a really good sign.
There is a super selection of shapes and sizes. Some small bits of just burnt meat. Some little pieces that look like bits of burnt coal, that are very dense indeed.

They have a really beefy flavour, like a porky crackley oxo cube.

They taste like they are soaked in oil, not light and airy but dense.

There are loads and loads of small bits at the bottom. Bits and salt and dust almost out weigh the big bits in quantity. This bottom dust is the best we have ever tasted, perfect pieces of all mini sizes, all bits of skin, fat and salt, a good variety. Due to the quantity of the bottom dust, as we get to the end of the bag, we seem to have had too much of a good thing. Oh how choosy we are!

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T.J., Big Bag bag

Pictures of T.J., Big Bag Pork Scratchings

Empty Bag
Empty Bag of T.J., Big Bag Pork Scratchings