Ray Gray Crackling Review

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Bag Size: 38 g
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Reviewed 31st July 2008

Purchased from: Free sample pack greatly appreciated

This bag of crackling has a sort of dry smell, if such a thing is possible.
There is a good selection of shapes and sizes, they seem very random, which we like.

There are no massive ones, and as such they would all generally seem to be the right size for this size of bag.

The colours are very light, much lighter than the Ray Gray - Scratchings reviewed earlier.

They are pretty hard, but not the sort that splinter in your mouth and end up cutting your mouth.

There is only skin and fat, absolutely no meat and no hairs!

They have a sort of sticky constitution, the bottom dust is clinging to them, it looks like the fat layer is oily. i don't really like this, but you might.

There are a few small bits at the bottom, which taste a little bit bread like.

Thanks to Graham Jebb at Ray Gray snacks

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