Big D Pork Crunch Review

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Bag Size: 42 g
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Reviewed 18th June 2008

Purchased from: Free sample pack greatly appreciated

This bag of pork crunch smell like a room full of bacon, very nice, a vegetarians worst nightmare, the small that can turn them back to omnivores.
The usual one and a half inch pork crunch squares, no massive or tiny ones.

The usual light brown colouration, so not under or over cooked.
They taste like crackley porky monster munch. They are not very salty, and they are very puffy. A few bits are not cooked properly and have a bigger crunch.

More like porky crisps than pork scratchings.

The bottom dust is very salty and very flaky there are no small bits.
The best pork crunch tried so far.

Thanks to Jane at Trigon Snacks

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Full Bag of Big D Pork Crunch
Full Bag of Big D Pork Crunch
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