Uncle Alberts Scratchings Review

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Bag Size: 56 g
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Reviewed 30th june 2008

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Very very crunchy, but quite light in weight and quite dark in colour. Some bits are like lumps of concrete, but they don't splinter when they are crunched. They look like dirty fingernails. Good big thick pieces, but no giant bits. Plenty of soft bits, not too salty and pretty meaty. These have a really different flavour possibly due to the added pepper. Thin skin, thick fat, no meat, no hairs. They don't get caught in your teeth, they don't turn into molar cement like some can. The bottom dust is where all the salt in the bag has ended up, but no pepper. After finishing the bag, we get a peppery after taste. Due to all the salt being at the end, we are all gasping for a beer!

Thanks to Brian Morrisey

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Uncle Alberts bag

Pictures of Uncle Alberts Pork Scratchings

Full Bag of Uncle Alberts Scratchings
Full Bag of Uncle Alberts Scratchings
Empty Bag
Empty Bag of Uncle Alberts Scratchings
Actual Picture of Scratching
Actual Picture of a Uncle Alberts Scratchings