RTP, Porky Quality Pork Crunch Review

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Bag Size: 30 g
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Reviewed 13th November 2008

Purchased from: Free sample pack greatly appreciated

Upon opening the bag we smell a quite fatty smell, with a hint of added flavouring. The colour range is non existent, in other words, they are all the same. The sizes and shapes are all bigger than a one bite piece, two or more bites are needed for each bit. They are all very airy indeed with an even thickness across the pack. They are very noisy, crunchy and fresh, and very bubbly indeed.

There are no visible signs of any added flavourings, and they taste as if not much has been added either. What flavouring there is tastes more bacon like that meat like, which is good. The smaller pieces that have not been fully cooked have more flavour than the rest and are crunchier and denser than the rest. An irregular range of cooking across the pack, which we actually like. There is no remaining residue left in your mouth unlike some we have tasted.

There is a lot of dust and flakes at the bottom, the flakes dissolve in your mouth which is a relief. They are a lot more salty at the bottom which is a good end to a good pack.

Thanks to all at RTP

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Full Bag of RTP, Porky Quality Pork Crunch
Full Bag of RTP, Porky Quality Pork Crunch
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Empty Bag of RTP, Porky Quality Pork Crunch