RTP, Porky Quality Pork Scratchings Review

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Bag Size: 25 g
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Reviewed 21st September 2008

Purchased from: Free sample pack greatly appreciated

A nice small bag from RTP, just the right size for the mood I'm in today.
I open the bag, they smell fairly plain, and in a way sort of dry.

The bag is chocka block with small pieces. We think it's best that small bags have small pieces and big bags have big pieces.

There is a very even and consistent colour range from golden to golden. There is a full range of skin and fat. No hairs, but some small bits of meat. They are not very crunchy at all, in fact they are a little chewy. You might like to try these as it's different from the norm.

They are not really very salty at all, and as we know this is a good thing with big bags, but small bags are allowed to be a little bit more salty because they are so small. There are some smaller bits at the bottom, which are not more salty then the rest, which is good because it means all the salt originally added has stayed on the main pieces and not fallen off in transit. No dust at the bottom.

Thanks to all at RTP

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Full Bag of RTP, Porky Quality Pork Scratchings
Full Bag of RTP, Porky Quality Pork Scratchings
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Empty Bag of RTP, Porky Quality Pork Scratchings