G. Simmons & Sons Pork Crunch Review

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Bag Size: 30 g
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Reviewed 26th August 2008

Purchased from: Free sample pack greatly appreciated

We open the bag and are greeted with a nice mild bacony smell.

Pork crunch generally has similar size pieces across the brands, but these are different, they are huge, like puffy beer mats! some are broken, which I suppose is to be expected when you push the size envelope this far.

They are all light in colour which is what you would expect, but there are a few slight dark spots, this looks like flavouring. They are a bit dusty.
Sometimes pork crunch can have a rather artificially flavoured taste to them, but these are just right, just a little beefy. They are fairly salty, but this is OK.

At the bottom of the bag there is no extra salt or flavour. nice bits, leaving my mouth clean and un-violated. none of that funny residue you can get sometimes. I have finished, but I want more.

Thanks to Graham at G. Simmons

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G. Simmons & Sons bag

Pictures of G. Simmons & Sons Pork Scratchings

Empty Bag
Empty Bag of G. Simmons & Sons Pork Crunch
Actual Picture of Scratching
Actual Picture of a G. Simmons & Sons Pork Crunch