Mr Crackling, Seasoned Pork Rinds Review

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Bag Size: 40 g
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Reviewed 15th October 2008

Purchased from: Free sample pack greatly appreciated

Firstly, we notice a nice smell, not fishy or stale.

The pieces are very light in colour, and most seem to be fairly bite sized, not massive chunks.

They are however noticeably un-salty, so might be a good option for those of you with a raised blood pressure.

They are light and crunchy, not heavy and hard, a sort of pork scratching looking pork crunch textured type thing. They taste a bit like the double roasted scratchings we have reviewed before, but much much better. Generally we don't like double roasted scratchings, as this can mask poor quality rind.

The skin is light, bubbly and airy, but on the other half, the fat and meat seems to be a touch oil soaked. Possibly the bubbles have absorbed some oil. Some scratchings have a tendency to be over cooked and oily, these are NOT like those, but a little.

The bottom has a few small bits and dust, but sadly only enough for one mouthful. There is more flavour in these bottom pieces, but still not very salty. This says that 'the salt was never there' (which is good because it's what you chose), rather than 'all the salt fell off, to the bottom' (which is bad).
No hairs.

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