Green Top Snacks, Original Pork Scratchings Review

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Bag Size: 20 g
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Reviewed 14th August 2008

Purchased from: unknown

A small bag with a dry clean smell, nothing out of the ordinary. A very good range of sizes and shapes for such a small bag. The pieces are all a golden colour, no light or no dark pieces.
Nice and crunchy, not too hard and mot to soft, just as goldilocks would have of approved of. No pieces splinter in my mouth, and no cuts to the roof of my mouth.
The skin is crunchy, the fat is of a medium thickness, there are some hard pieces of meat, but no bits with hair.
The flavour is fairly sweet, sort of buttery, but not sickly in any way.
They are not very salty, but just right. One of the best small bags ever tasted.
There are a few small bits at the bottom, but no dust. There is a slight hint of bacon on the bottom bits, but no excessive difference of flavour, fairly nice consistency.

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Green Top Snacks, Original bag

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Empty Bag
Empty Bag of Green Top Snacks, Original Pork Scratchings