Pub Original Pork Scratchings Review

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Reviewed 15th August 2008

Purchased from: unknown

A fairly dry but slightly porky smell. A small bag with medium to small pieces inside. No massive pieces taking up all the space, leaving no room for many pieces.

Not very salty, just right.

Colours from golden to dark brown, but no burnt or overdone pieces.

These are very, very, very crunchy, but even with this level of crunchiness, there are splintering pieces or jaw breakers. If the pieces were any bigger they would be jaw breakers.

They have a really nice flavour, which might possibly be added in some way, but still nice. A sort of buttery flavour.

Thin skin, medium fat, some meat and some hairs (at last) which is a particularly good range for a small bag.

And then we see a so far never seen before sight... 2 scratchings held together by their uncut fat bridge, well you have to look for differences now don't you!
Loads of small bits at the bottom, a real large amount for such a small bag.

The bottom bits taste worse than the rest which is unusual, and the last mouthful seemed to be almost all salt.

A really good start that went down hill towards the end.

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Empty Bag of Pub Original Pork Scratchings