Jay's Pork Scratchings Review

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Bag Size: 40 g
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Reviewed 11th August 2008

Purchased from: Free sample pack greatly appreciated.

Another bag with a fairly plain smell, not fishy or porky.

Hand cooked which is a good sign, humans deciding on the readiness of each batch.

A good range of colours from light to medium, with no dark, overdone or burnt bits.

The sizes of the pieces are fairly large (not huge) to medium. There are a few small bits at the bottom, and right at the end are a few really tiny bits that are pretty hard, which is a good sign. No bottom dust.

A full range of skin, fat and little bits of meat. No hairs at all. They are not very salty which is a good sign if you are going to eat a whole bag by yourself.

They have a crisp and crunchy texture, whilst still being fairly hard, but no jaw breakers.

The fat is fairly light, not oil sodden like some others, this might be because of the hand cooking process. The taste is also fairly light and could do with having a bit more of a porky flavour.

There is more salt at the bottom of the bag, but still not to much to be too much.

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Jay's bag

Pictures of Jay's Pork Scratchings

Full Bag of Jay's Pork Scratchings
Full Bag of Jay's Pork Scratchings
Empty Bag
Empty Bag of Jay's Pork Scratchings