Trotters Pork Crunch Review

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Reviewed 16th December 2011

Purchased from: Free sample

Trotters Pork Crunch come in the same distinctive bag as their scratching counterpart, you can't miss 'em!

The ingredients are pretty standard, no chilli, like the scratchings.

So, we open the bag and smell a similar dry smell to the scratching variety. we think this is a low fat content and a high degree of freshness, so that's good.

They have the usual pork crunch bacon flavour. Pork crunch usually smells of this, we believe this because crunch is a more flavoured product than scratchings, due to its make up (or lack of fat, which reduces the natural flavour). They could do with being a bit more porky for our taste.

The pieces are mostly of a medium size, and all of them are square, no long ones, no short ones. They are also quite lightly cooked and have a fairly light colour.

These are super dry, like a Jacobs cracker. This is in no way a criticism, as most pork crunch is like this. You just need a good pint of beer to assist, but this we would recommend with every scratching or crunch we have ever tasted and reviewed.

The salt content is fairly low, like the scratchings, but this time, because of the large bag size, you'll be a happier bunny by the time you get to the end of the bag. There's a bit of dust at the bottom, but no extra salt. Salt at the end can ruin a nice bag of pork crunch, salt really is something that is a fine balancing act, weighing up the other flavours and size of the bag. Trotters got it right, nice one Del Boy.

These are for all intents and purposes, the same as the pork scratchings, but crunch.

Samples supplied by Matthew Perkins @TrottersGold, much appreciated. The actual scratchings are made by Green Top Snacks, so check out the other varieties in their range, some of which we have previously reviewed.

Matt the Wineman, many thanks

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Pictures of Trotters Pork Scratchings

Full Bag of Trotters Pork Crunch
Full Bag of Trotters Pork Crunch
Empty Bag
Empty Bag of Trotters Pork Crunch