Freshers, Hellishly Hot Pork Crunch Review

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Bag Size: 30 g
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Reviewed 16th December 2012

Purchased from: Tesco

A standard size pork crunch bag with hot rod flames! Pork snacks are goin' places...

We open the bag and take a sniff, they smell dry, with a distinct curry smell, not chilli as you might have expected.

Inside we see the usual selection of medium size squares (we do like variety of shapes here at HBS). They all look quite light in colour, maybe they are a little under done for our liking.

The first taste is a new experience, definitely a full, in your face curry flavour, a bit like chip shop curry sauce but a little different. The heat level is fairly hot for a retail snack but nothing that will blow your head off. Usually snack producers boast about their product's hotness, but they rarely deliver.

They are not very salty, but because of the curry flavour this is not really a bad thing.

Curry pork crunch is a nice idea, curry is most definitely the main flavour, but the pork flavour still peeks through. There is more curry flavour at the bottom, probably knocked off during transit, so don't finish your beer before you finish the bag, you may need a sip or two.

Tongue Tingling!

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Freshers, Hellishly Hot bag

Pictures of Freshers, Hellishly Hot Pork Scratchings

Full Bag of Freshers, Hellishly Hot Pork Crunch
Full Bag of Freshers, Hellishly Hot Pork Crunch
Empty Bag
Empty Bag of Freshers, Hellishly Hot Pork Crunch