Familia Foods, Chicarones Chicarones Review

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Bag Size: 120 g
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Reviewed 5th April 2013

Purchased from: free samples

A nice European looking bag, using the word Chicaron. Clear front, Foil back, interesting. You can see what you are getting, but with an added side of freshness.

They smell fairly plain, minimal salt and flavourings, but a small amount of garlic is listed on the ingredients. nothing bacon or fishy here.

Very puffy rind, no underdone ones. Very light in colour, no overdone ones, so another good batch.

The fat layer is very thick, and does affect the overall flavour. if you like them fatty, these are for you.

Quite a few pieces have meat on them which is nice, and it's dark in colour, completely contrasting the fat and rind.

No hairs.

Lots of dust and a few small pieces at the bottom.

a good plain start if you want try pork scratchings with a small amount of salt and no added flavourings, you get to taste the scratching! A good choice if you lie a bit of fat and are not afraid of a bit of meat.

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Familia Foods, Chicarones bag

Pictures of Familia Foods, Chicarones Pork Scratchings

Full Bag of Familia Foods, Chicarones Chicarones
Full Bag of Familia Foods, Chicarones Chicarones
Empty Bag
Empty Bag of Familia Foods, Chicarones Chicarones
Actual Picture of Scratching
Actual Picture of a Familia Foods, Chicarones Chicarones