Ricks - Clear Bag Scratchings Review

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Bag Size: 90 g
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Reviewed 16th February 2007

Purchased from: Free sample packs greatly appreciated

Good news bag wise, I really like this type of bag, it gives a more home made feel. It's like the difference between fish & chips in paper (nice!) and in a polystyrene box (what?).

Good shapes, looking like they have been hand cut rather than machined. The size of the scratchings would be really good for a small bag, but this is a big bag so they feel a little small. Big pieces filling a big bag is nice, so this feels like a missed opportunity.

A couple of meaty scratchings which is good. Too many with meat on can be a bit much, so a few is the perfect amount in this case.

The degree or range of cooking is fairly wide which is good, however this range is leaning towards the well done rather than under done range. This is not really to my taste, but not detrimental overall.

The 'dust' at the bottom is nice and lumpy, not just dust and salt which is good if there has to be dust at the bottom. On some small bags you end up finishing before you are completely ready, so a few small bits in the bottom on a small bag can save you from wanting more.

Thanks to Karen Kidby at rick's snacks

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Ricks - Clear Bag bag

Pictures of Ricks - Clear Bag Pork Scratchings

Full Bag of Ricks - Clear Bag Scratchings
Full Bag of Ricks - Clear Bag Scratchings
Empty Bag
Empty Bag of Ricks - Clear Bag Scratchings
Actual Picture of Scratching
Actual Picture of a Ricks - Clear Bag Scratchings