Ace Scratchings - Big Bag Pork Scratchings Review

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Bag Size: 90 g
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Reviewed 15th November 2005

Purchased from: Free sample packs greatly appreciated

Guest reviewer Phil Thompson

Black Country Snacks Big Bag Pork Scratchings smell a bit fishy, fresh and light however a very heavy bag. Extremely random shapes, no regularity whatsoever.

With regards to the amount of salt, I have had smaller bags with the same amount of salt, but as this bag is a huge 90g affair, the level is just right. It's almost like all bags can have a maximum amount of salt regardless of bag size before it becomes too much. However, I do need a bit of a drink. The bits at the bottom are no saltier than the 1st in the pack.

No hairy ones. Crunchiness is average and therefore good. Fat is average and therefore does not taint the flavour of the skin, so good. There are no examples with meat on them.

Additional: Secondary pack review
These black country snack big bag things... first piece out of the bag is as big as my head... tastes lovely just the right amount of meat on, second one the same, 3rd one the same and so on. every piece is the size of a small planet and perfectly crispy and meaty... my only complaint is heart attack imminent.

Thanks for the free samples and accompanying letter.

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