Ace Scratchings Pork Crunch Review

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Bag Size: 30 g
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Reviewed 15th November 2005

Purchased from: Free sample packs greatly appreciated

These are Pork Crunch (Pork Rinds), which based upon previous experience doesn't hold much anticipation.

This bag is massive (relatively), but very light, only 30g, I wonder if there is actually anything inside?

I open the bag, a surprisingly nice smell, not just pork and salt, and not moody additives, but nice. I take a look at the ingredients and find that they contain Celery, Paprika and Annato. Real spices, not 'pork flavouring' which is refreshing.

They are quite salty which is worrying based upon the size of the bag, but by the end all is fine and my fears were unfounded as they are so light. Random-ish sizes, but a clear pattern of machine involvement.

As Pork Rinds go, these are the best I've had. I like the few that are not fully cooked as they are dense, crunchy and have maximum flavour.

The size of the pack is perfect, but if they were real scratchings, far too big.

The dust at the bottom is more fluffy and less salty than that found at the bottom or a regular pack.

Definitely something to remember for the future.

Thanks for the free samples and accompanying letter.

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Empty Bag of Ace Scratchings Pork Crunch
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