Ace Scratchings - Q Pork Crackling Review

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Bag Size: 71 g
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Reviewed 15th November 2005

Purchased from: Free sample packs greatly appreciated

I'm looking forward to these! A decidedly understated packet, no fancy graphics - what looks like a very honest product. It's all there to see on the front, description, ingredients, guarantee, contact information, all for us to see open, naked, good.

A nice heavy bag, not big and heavy, but dense, definitely not like pork rinds.Good shapes, almost random, but upon closer inspection not totally.

These are not salty which is perfect for a bag of this size, but I think there is too much fat for my liking. A few bits of meat, which is just right, but sadly no sign of a hair.

These are very heavy cracklings, but have a surprisingly light crunch. A very mild flavour, not like I like, but exactly what's needed if you want to get to the bottom of the 71g bag.

Thanks for the free samples and accompanying letter

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Ace Scratchings - Q bag

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Pictures of Ace Scratchings - Q Pork Scratchings

Empty Bag
Empty Bag of Ace Scratchings - Q Pork Crackling
Actual Picture of Scratching
Actual Picture of a Ace Scratchings - Q Pork Crackling