Ace Scratchings - Thampiggin'Bostin' Pork Scratchings Review

Bag Size: 42g
Reviewed: 15th November 2005

Purchased from: Free sample packs greatly appreciated

Hairy Bar Snack Review: The design of this bag is very odd indeed, an evil pig wearing a crown, with airmail stripes along the top and bottom, perhaps one day I'll find out if there is a significance to this?

I open the bag and am hit with a very porky smell which is not very nice. Far too strong for my liking, but you may have a different opinion. There is a vast range of shapes and sizes for such a small bag. From massive beasts to tiny little bits that I will only get to at the end. It's a good sized bag (42g) probably my preferred size. A very nice and natural flavour that is not what i expected after the strength of the smell. They are not very salty which is also good, and could be ideal for larger bags. They have a light and bubbly skin, with no excessively hard ones. As expected, lots of little bits at the end, which provide the perfect end to a tasty pack.

Thanks: Thanks for the free samples and accompanying letter


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Ace Scratchings - Thampiggin'Bostin' bag

Ace Scratchings - Thampiggin'Bostin' letter

Empty Bag of Ace Scratchings - Thampiggin'Bostin' Pork Scratchings
Actual Picture of a Ace Scratchings - Thampiggin'Bostin' Pork Scratchings