Mr Porky - Prime Cut Scratchings Review

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Bag Size: 40 g
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Reviewed 17th February 2007

Purchased from: Tesco

Well who would have thought that Tesco would be the place that I first see this new design of pack, and new type of Mr Porky 'PRIME CUT SCRATCHINGS'.

So, on to the review, first thing we notice is a fairly mild smell, nothing too overpowering. Extra big pieces, as described on the pack, is true. This is however compared only with the usual Mr Porky scratchings, but not compared to the more bespoke packs that we are always on the look out for, here at HBS!

Good crunchiness and no teeth breakers. Good flavour fat, but the skin is rather bland due to the lack of salt and lack of hair. These are essentially middle of the road scratchings, exactly what is needed for the most popular brand in the UK.

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Mr Porky - Prime Cut bag

Pictures of Mr Porky - Prime Cut Pork Scratchings

Empty Bag
Empty Bag of Mr Porky - Prime Cut Scratchings
Actual Picture of Scratching
Actual Picture of a Mr Porky - Prime Cut Scratchings