Albert Heijn Knabbelspek Review

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Bag Size: 100 g
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Reviewed 16th February 2007

Purchased from: Albert Heijn Supermarket - Amsterdam, Holland

VERY SMELLY! Very light and not at all salty, not strong smelling, not rock hard, but still very crunchy, I'd say 'crisp'.

All pieces are the same width, looking to be processed automatically. Extreme varying of length, most of them very very very long, and a huge variety of curliness.

These are like a cross between scratchings and rinds, as we know them. Most have a small amount of meat attached to them, which is good, but unfortunately there is not a lot of flavour to the meat which is disappointing.

Looking at the ingredients, there are virtually none! skin and salt, no additional fat, which may explain the unusual flavour of these Dutch scratchings. As far as we are concerned, a healthy(er) option, with less flavour.

The 100g bag is getting very boring by the end. These would be good for the novice pork scratching eater, in small quantities and perhaps at a party?

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Albert Heijn bag

Pictures of Albert Heijn Pork Scratchings

Empty Bag
Empty Bag of Albert Heijn Knabbelspek
Actual Picture of Scratching
Actual Picture of a Albert Heijn Knabbelspek