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A Warm & Crispy Welcome to you, Pork Scratchings Lover.

This site is about Pork Scratchings.

Pork Scratchings, Crackling, Rinds, whatever you call them. They have a few different names depending on where in the world you find them, but none of this matters, because we call them Hairy Bar Snacks.

Hairy Bar Snacks is our name for pork scratchings. We 'may' have been a little bit drunk when we thought that the name was a good idea, just like all most good ideas. Pubs sell loads of different snacks. Snacks are always behind the bar. But the snacks we like best are a little bit hairy. So, logically, they must be called hairy bar snacks.

Anyway, this site has sections for pork scratching reviews, news, bag pictures, real images of real scratchings and even a flipping pork scratchings gift shop. And because we eat pork scratchings at the pub, we latterly decided that a small expansion into pub reviews wouldn't hurt.

The blog/news section is an irregularly updated section with all the latest from the glamorous world of pork scratchings. But due to the paucity of hairy news, there may also be a few drinking-related posts. Please sign up to the newsletter if you want to be informed of anything you may be interested in.

We're trying to fill the site with as much information as we can find out, but would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help. If you find anything that might be of interest to us, if you stumble across a new bag, find a bag on holiday, why not contact us and let us know. Many people have already submitted pictures, samples and reviews, we thank you all.

The pork scratchings shop sells, t-shirts, hats, tops, for men, women, kids & even stuff for your dog. Have a look, you might just find the perfect gift! There's a little bit of history, the different names and types of pork scratchings found throughout the world. The links page has an extensive list of for further reading, including articles and suppliers from across the globe. Please sign up for our newsletter, it might be fun!

Lastly, there's the contact us page, which we would love you to use, please send us some samples, pictures, reviews or information.

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hbs block review - Pork Scratchings are Hairy Bar Snacks!

Hairy Bar Snacks Reviews

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There's not a lot you can say about pigskin fried in fat... or is there? Scratchings, Crackling, Crunch, Rinds, they are all here.

hbs block pub - Pork Scratchings are Hairy Bar Snacks!

Pub Reviews

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Most of these pubs sell pork scratchings. If they don't then we don't review them, unless they are a really nice pub.

hbs block top - Pork Scratchings are Hairy Bar Snacks!

The Best Pork Scratchings

See the Best Rated Scratchings

Save time trawling through the many reviews we have done, have a look at the top-rated pork scratchings.

What are Pork Scratchings?


Find out a little bit more about the history/origins of Pork Scratchings.
Pork Scratchings are deep-fried pig skin. They are heavy, hard and have a crispy layer of fat under the skin. Sometimes some meat and hairs can be found. The scratchings are generally flavoured with salt, but sometimes additional flavourings can be added.

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Pork Scratching Gifts for Everyone, Hooray!

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