Pork Scratchings are Hairy Bar Snacks

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Welcome Pork Scratchings Lover

This site will tell you everything you have ever wanted to know about Pork Scratchings.

Hairy Bar Snacks provides information about Pork Scratchings, Crackling and Rinds. They have a few names depending on where you see them. We have some rather fetching bag pictures, Our vast collection of bags was created a long time before this website was a twinkle in his daddy's eye, so there may not be a review for every single one. Click here for pork scratching news, an irregularly updated page with all the latest from the world of pork scratchings.

The name of this website originates from a nickname for pork scratchings, conceived by me and a few friends. As a rule, we don't really eat pork scratchings unless we are at the pub. Now, the pub sells many different types of bar snacks. Pork scratchings have a tendency to be hairy. Therefore we call them HAIRY BAR SNACKS.

There are a few sections that may interest you. We are endeavouring to fill the pages with as much as we can find out, but would like to take this opportunity to ask for YOUR HELP. If you find anything that might be of interest to us, please let us know. Many people have submitted information, pictures and reviews, and we thank you all.
So far we have managed to upload some of the Pork Scratching Bags that we have been collecting over the years. We have a section for real images of real scratchings. A comprehensive list of Pork Scratching Reviews and an irreverent look at the pubs that supply us in our hour of need, the Pub Reviews Section.

The HBS pork scratchings shop now sells scratchings, t-shirts for men and women and even beer mugs! There's a little bit of history, the different names and types of pork scratchings/rinds found throughout the world. The links page has an extensive list of for further reading, including articles and suppliers from across the globe. A pork scratching videos section. Sign up to out newsletter, it might be fun! And lastly there is our contact us page, which we would love you to use, please send us some pictures or information.

How to make Pork Scratchings

If you want to know how to make pork scratchings at home using your oven, then look no further. So, click here to find out how to make pork scratchings at home in the oven, our perfect pork scratchings recipe.

Anyway, that's enough for now, thanks for visiting the site and if you are leaving us, please come back soon, and if you can, please use the ads and affiliate links on the site to buy stuff, this goes a little way to paying for the hosting of the site, thanks.