So, you want to know how to review pork scratchings? well here's how to do it...

Every Hairy Bar Snacks Review can now be reviewed by you too, all you need to do is find the scratchings on this site and fill in the form at the bottom of the review.

Remember to assess everything together, in the round. For example, a small very salty bag is OK, but a big very salty bag might not be so nice towards the end! And remember to be creative, We know there's not too much you can say about pigskin, fat and salt, but after a while, you'll start to notice subtle differences, some of which might be a little odd, so write them down!

Don't forget to add where you got them from, and to add a few pictures for a little bit of added pzaz!


  1. The Purchase
    1. Where did you get the scratchings from? Was it a Pub? if so, where is the pub? Write the full address, with postcode and any appropriate web links if possible.
    2. Are they 'in date'?
  2. The Bag - look at it.
    1. Assess the design. Is it lovely?
    2. Is it a foil bag or clear bag or paper bag?
    3. How big is the bag? (tell us the weight in grams)
    4. Are there any odd things about the bag? Differences are good.
  3. The Scratchings - open the bag.
    1. Smell
      1. Describe the smell, be creative.
    2. Look
      1. Sizes, range (small, medium, big) or all the same.
      2. Colours, range (dark, mid, light) or all the same.
      3. Composition, skin / fat / meat / hair, ratios.
    3. Taste
      1. Flavour, not all pork scratchings taste of pork!
      2. Crunch
      3. Freshness
      4. Salt
      5. Fat
      6. Flavourings
      7. The bits at the bottom
  4. The Conclusion, sadly, the end!
    1. Surmise everything in a few words
    2. Rate them out of ten
    3. Find the scratchings on our site and fill in the form on the page OR fill in the form below if you can't be bothered.
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