A list of the Best Pork Scratching Pubs

Most pubs sell pork scratchings.
scratch that - most good pubs sell pork scratchings.

Some pubs sell pork scratchings and pork crunch. Some pubs sell more than one variety of pork scratching. This is not offered as a choice, but a sale technique to persuade you to buy more. I ask you, who in their right mind would go to the bar and, when offered multiple pork scratching options, only buy one bag? A nutter. Obviously if offered multiple options, the right thing to do is buy one bag of each variety. Call it 'research', we do.

We have compiled a list of our favourite pubs, and most of them sell pork scratchings. If you have a favourite pub, and they sell scratchings, why not let us know. All we need is the name and address of the pub, a picture of the outside and the scratchings behind the bar, and a review, easy peasy. We'll add the pub to our list and you will become internet famous! Cheers.