How to make pork scratchings at home in your oven.

This is our second attempt to make pork scratchings at home in the oven and frankly, it was a total success.

So, if you do decide to try this method, we do think you'll find it's pretty easy. And we don't think you will be disappointed. Good luck and read on dear friend.

More Methods Coming Soon

Going forward, we will be adding a few other variations on this method. This is the best method we have tried, the scratchings were crispy and salty, just perfect. But as time has passed, we have now tried a few different ways to prepare the rind, used different cooking fats and oils. We have used salt during cooking, and added flavourings during and after cooking. All of these things affect the end result. So as soon as we get some time we will be adding more and more methods to this section!

A few people asked us if we'd tried to make pork crackling in a frying pan, so we thought we'd give it a go. The method is not the same as the one below for a few reasons.
1. we did not brine the raw pork rind.
2. we microwaved the pork rind so it was easier to cut.
3. we only used a frying pan.
So if you need to make pork crackling without an oven, then click here to see our easy frying pan method.

Keep Clean

Don't forget to wear an apron. Pork scratchings can spit as you stir them around to evenly cook them, so get a porky apron here.

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Recommended Equipment

Below are a few quick links to recommended equipment that you may need for cooking perfect pork scratchings at home on the oven. We can't find any links to the roasting dish that we used. It was given to us as a gift and sadly dropped on the floor, where it broke in two!

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Le Creuset Enamelled Cast Iron Roasting Dish

If money is no object, then this is the one you looking for!

Staub Oval Roasting Dish - Graphite Grey

Middle ground between the cheaper and more expensive options

Argon White Rectangular Baking Dish - Cast Iron

A more cost effective solution that the Le Creuset option

The Wooden Spatula

Plastic is bad for the planet and silicone toold are not sturdy enough. Sometimes the scratchings stick to the bottom of the roasing dish, so a wooden spatula is the best option. It's also good because it won't damage any non stick surface that your dish may have.

Tala FSC Certified Beechwood Set of 3 wooden Spatulas

Cheap, cheeful, perfectly adequate for the job in hand. FSC certified too to help the planet a little bit. If you ignore the carbon footprint of the amazon shipping process!

Invisible Footprints Bamboo Cooking Utensils – Dishwasher Safe & Planet-Friendly

I like bamboo, and these look good too.

The Apron

We had to mention this, because here at Hairy Bar Snacks, we have made the most appropriate pork scratchings apron possible. If you love pork scratchings then this is the unisex apron you need!
Click the image or click here to have a better look.


  1. Author

    I tried this recipe and it works a treat!

  2. “Seal the remaining scratchings in…”

    What are “remaining scratchings”? I am unclear on what this means. Please advise.

    1. Author

      if you put a few warm scratchings in a bowl to eat immediately, you ‘might’ have some left. If so, put the remaining scratchings in an airtight container, to keep for later. Or ignore this if you ate all of the scratchings you made in one go/sitting. πŸ™‚

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