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You are probably here because you are on the Keto diet OR are wondering what the keto diet is about... ...and therefore what foods you can eat... ...and specifically, whether it's OK to eat Pork Scratchings when you are on the keto diet. Yes? 🙂

So, What is the Keto Diet?

Keto Diet is short for Ketogenic Diet, this term refers to some diets which will be outlined below.

A. The Ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that in medicine is used primarily to treat difficult-to-control (refractory) epilepsy in children.

Click here to read more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketogenic_diet
As with all medical-dietary choices, you should not consult a Pork Scratchings website but consult your General Medical Practitioner first!

B. Ketogenic diets as a lifestyle choice or for weight loss should be classed as a Low-Carbohydrate diet, and should not be confused with the Ketogenic diet outlined above.
Click here to read more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-carbohydrate_diet

So let's assume, that because you are here on this page, you don't have a medical condition. And you are looking for information about Low-Carbohydrate diets.

Below are a few general examples of foods that are either low in carbohydrates or high in carbohydrates. The list is not extensive, but you should be able to get the basic idea.

Low Carb Foods

low carb foods - Pork Scratchings for the Keto Diet / Low Carb Diet

Pork Scratchings
Lean meats
Leafy green vegetables
Cauliflower and broccoli
Nuts and seeds
Some fruit, like apples, blueberries & strawberries
Unsweetened dairy products

High Carb Foods

high carb foods - Pork Scratchings for the Keto Diet / Low Carb Diet

Bread, Grains & Cereals
Some fruit
Starchy vegetables
Sweetened yoghurt
Fruit Juice
Low-fat and fat-free salad dressings
Beans and legumes
Honey or sugar in any form
Crisps and crackers

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Pork Scratchings for the Keto Diet / Low Carb Diet

Why would anybody think that something as seemingly unhealthy as a pork scratching could ever be used in a diet? I say seemingly because that's what some people think. After all, butter is 100% fat, and that's OK, isn't it? If you want to know if pork scratchings are bad for you, then click here we have written an article where we go into some greater detail on the subject.

It does seem counter-intuitive to most sensible people, but actually, it would seem that this is the case. Pork Scratchings can be eaten as part of a low carb diet because they contain a very low percentage of carbohydrates.

Back in the days of the Atkins diet craze, all that I ever heard was people everywhere going on and on about eating fried bacon for every meal. It would seem to me that you are simply looking for foods that are low in carbohydrates, is that right? Well, not quite.

Water is low in carbohydrate, obviously, you don't want to know about that. You are here, looking at a pork scratchings website! So you must be specifically looking for low carbohydrate snacks while you are on a keto diet. Snacks being the relevant part of this statement.

Here You Go, A List of a Few Carbohydrate Amounts found in Everyday Snacks!

It looks like there could be a problem if you are looking for a low carb snack, just look at the list below, it's a nightmare!

Mixed Nuts
Mixed nuts typically have about 21g of carbohydrate per 100g
Crisps typically have about 53g of carbohydrate per 100g
Crackers typically have about 62g of carbohydrate per 100g

Do pork scratchings contain carbohydrates?

Never fear, Scratchings are here! If you are looking for a snack food that is low (or very low!) in carbohydrates, then I suggest that it's almost impossible to beat a pork skin based snack! Pork Scratchings/Crackling/Crunch are all super low in carbohydrates.

Below are some Pork Scratching/Crackling/Crunch Carbohydrate levels. Just take a quick look at these ingredient lists and nutritional information charts from a few packs I had to hand:
(the carbohydrate levels increase from left to right, top to bottom)

pork scratching cruch carb keto data 01 001 - Pork Scratchings for the Keto Diet / Low Carb Diet
pork scratching cruch carb keto data 05 011 - Pork Scratchings for the Keto Diet / Low Carb Diet
pork scratching cruch carb keto data 02 017 - Pork Scratchings for the Keto Diet / Low Carb Diet
pork scratching cruch carb keto data 03 039 - Pork Scratchings for the Keto Diet / Low Carb Diet
pork scratching cruch carb keto data 06 510 - Pork Scratchings for the Keto Diet / Low Carb Diet
pork scratching cruch carb keto data 08 715 - Pork Scratchings for the Keto Diet / Low Carb Diet
pork scratching cruch carb keto data 04 100 - Pork Scratchings for the Keto Diet / Low Carb Diet

It's all a bit confusing... ... but is it?

From the images above, we can see that there is a range from 0.1g to 10g of carbs per 100g. Even 10g is fairly low in carbs. The lowest carb level of the bags shown is 0.1g. This bag is an unflavoured, salted bag of pork crunch. If you want a bit of added flavour, you may have to accept a slightly higher level of carbohydrate.

We used to show a bag that had 32.66g of carbs. After speaking to the manufacturer, we found that this was a printing error! So, we have removed the offending picture and info.

Here's What Adds to the Carbohydrate Amounts?

The higher carbohydrate values were for bags that had any type of flavouring added (not just salt).

The flavourings added to scratchings of crackling don't affect the carb levels very much, this is because as a percentage, the amount of added flavour is fairly small. But with pork crunch, they are so light and fluffy, there's nothing to them. Any added flavour, as a percentage is quite high.

If for example, a normal bag has 3g of flavouring,
90g bag = 87g of Pork Scratchings + 3g of flavour = 2.7% flavour
50g bag = 47g of Pork Crackling + 3g of flavour = 6% flavour
40g bag = 37g of Pork Crunch + 3g of flavour = 10% flavour

As you can see, the percentage of flavour is higher in Pork Crunch, so if the Carbohydrates are in the added flavour, then the percentage of carbohydrates in a bag must be higher in pork crunch.

What's the Answer?

An unflavoured, just salted bag of pork scratchings/crackling/crunch is the way to go if you want a super low carb snack.

But What if I Like These New Fangled Flavoured Pork Snacks?

If you really really must have some added flavour, then go for a bag of scratchings, per gram there will be fewer carbohydrates than in a bag of pork crunch.

Pork Snacks to avoid on the keto diet

Salt and Vinegar flavour seems to be the most carb-heavy of the bags we looked at, so avoid any salt and vinegar flavoured pork crunch.

What are the Differences between Pork Scratchings / Crackling / Crunch?

You will see that there are a few types of pork snack available, they are similar in many ways but different too.

Pork Scratchings / Crackling / Crunch - The Differences Chart
TypePork ScratchingsPork CracklingPork Crunch
ExamplesPork ScratchingsPork CracklingPork Crunch

So, now you should have a bit more information about pork scratchings and the keto diet / low carb diet, it's time to get some!

The first place you should look is your local supermarket, it's easy, you are probably going there in a few days anyway, just look in the snacks aisle or these days, a variety of pork snacks can also be found in the drinks aisle, hanging from those strip things. Keep your eyes peeled.

Next, if you have decided that pork scratchings are for you, then why not choose the best pork scratchings available, because they do differ widely in taste, smell, saltiness and flavour.
Click here to see our top 20 best pork scratching/crunch/crackling varieties.

But wait, there is another way. Why not make them yourself, in the oven. It's a piece of cake. Here at Hairy Bar Snacks, we have written a simple yet extensive method outlining how to make pork scratchings in the oven at home. You don't need to be Masterchef, it's simple, trust us! Click here to see our easy method of how to make pork scratchings. And if you don't want to make them in the oven, we have just created a brand new recipe: how to cook pork crackling in the frying pan!

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As with all medical-dietary choices, you should NOT consult a Pork Scratchings website but consult your General Medical Practitioner first.

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The Keto Diet may be quite bad for you

I have recently seen a spate of articles about the adverse effects of the keto diet. SO as mentioned before, DO NOT take medical or dietary advice from a pork scratchings website. Read more, do some proper research, get information from authoritative sources (not social media) and make up your own mind.

My two penneth

If you want to know what I think, well, I think ALL diets are crazy. If you want to lose weight, just put less into your body. Less food, less fat, less sugar, less alcohol. Eat less. Smaller portions. Don't snack. It may sound trite to say this, but I presume it took you years to put on the weight, so it may take a while to lose it. And yes, eating less includes pork scratchings.

Bad keto news

The keto diet is the worst diet for healthy eating, according to new rankings.
Every year, US News & World Report ranks the best (and worst) diets for the year ahead. This year, the ketogenic diet was once again ranked among the worst in several categories, despite its continuing popularity.

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A cardiologist is begging patients to avoid the high-fat keto diet because their cholesterol levels could skyrocket