This page features a list of companies who produce and/or supply pork scratchings, crackling, rinds. It has been collated over a number of years. Some producers have ceased trading, some have changed their names. The list is as up to date as possible, bet if you spot an error, please do contact us and let us know, so that we can fix it.

If you are a producer or supplier of porky products and would like your business added to this page, just let us know, we will happily add you to the page. The more the merrier!


  • Ace Pub Supplies – Ace Pub Supplies manufactures Q Pork Scratchings, crackling, crunch and a variety of snacks and cleaning products in the heart of the Black Country.
  • Amko – I don’t know anything about these guys.
  • Alf Turner – The business was established in 1956 when Alf Turner, opened his butcher’s shop at 205 North Lane, Aldershot the same premises that the business operates from more than 50 years later. Alf served in the Royal Army Service Corp for nearly 20 years and when de-mobbed after WW2 he worked for the Ministry of Food and won the British Empire Medal when helping to put down an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the early 1950s.
  • Awfully Posh Snacks – Using the highest quality outdoor bred pigs, with only sea salt added.
  • Black Country Snacks – was established in 1989 on a small farm in the heart of the Black Country. Originally set up by Philip and Linda Rolls to supply local businesses with a quality product the company quickly became popular across the local community and found an increasing demand for their product. After 6 years of hard work in 1995, they started manufacturing our own Pork Scratchings and set up a distribution depot in Walsall.
  • Coan Scratchings – Hand cooked in the heart of the Black Country to a traditional recipe packed in 70g bags of flavour.
  • Cool Hog Scratchings – Don’t be a boar, be a Cool Hog!
  • Delicioso – A traditional snack with a Spanish twist!
  • Freshers Foods – Based in Wigan, Lancashire, UK. Freshers Foods Ltd specialise in producing high quality traditional British snacks. They also have a good History page written by Julie Openshaw.
  • Green Top Snacks (dead link now) – Established in 1974 by John Edwards. In those early days, John used to supply local publicans with pork scratchings he made out the back of his butcher’s shop in Pesall.
  • Golden Harvest Foods – Originally started in 1996, Golden Harvest Foods are proud of the objective that they set out to achieve. Using only the best ingredients in all our products, you can be sure of a great taste every time.
  • Gruntled – They have taken the finest pork and cooked it twice, which makes it lighter and less tooth-breaking than traditional scratchings. Then seasoned it with completely natural flavours, making sure that there’s nothing unsavoury like gluten or MSG in the bag.
  • G J Simmonds & Sons – Graham, the founder of the company, started his working life as a butcher, working for a butcher who produced all types of foods including sausage, pressed meats and of course Pork Scratchings.
  • Happy Biltong – Inspired by a passion for flavour and a desire to find a snack that is as delicious as it is healthy, HB Snacks are proud of the range of snacks and flavours they have to offer.
  • Hog Lumps – Link to Facebook Page.
  • JT Scratchings – Pork Scratchings by FJ Tye & Sons in Wolverhampton suppliers of Bar & Pub Snacks throughout the Midlands and Shropshire. FJ Tye has been established for over 38 years and is infamous in the Midlands for their JT Pork Scratchings. The family business was founded by Fred Tye and is now run by brothers Chris and John. We are now one of the Black Countries top pork scratching suppliers and were the first company to introduce double-fried pork scratchings.
  • Kings Elite Snacks – Microwavable Pork Crackle.
  • Libby’s Pork Crack – Fresh Free Farmed or Free Range pork rind is hand-cut and baked until it is perfectly crisp. Then it is coated in a special blend of organic spices and packaged up ready to sell. It’s pretty simple really and that’s how we like it. Food that is not fussy or fussed with and as close to its natural state as possible. As an artisan product, no two batches will look identical, but they will taste equally delicious. We love its traditional home-cooked feel.
  • Maguire Snacks (dead link now) – A family operated business based in Beragh, County Tyrone. They presently supply two types of product (Pork Crunch and Pork Crackling) to licensed retailers throughout Northern Ireland.
  • Mercian Snacks – They produce Sir Pigelots Gluten Free Pork Crackling which is extremely-satisfying & crunchy. They have a passionate, talented and hard-working team who all originated from the Pork Scratching Capital – The Black Country. Mercia Definition.
  • Midland Snacks – Based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, since 1981, Midland Snacks UK is an established and successful, privately owned company that is well known and respected within the industry. We produce traditional “Black Country” Pork Scratchings and Pork Crunch made only from the best quality Danish rind.
  • Nibblers – Nibblers are a leading supplier of premium quality Snack products to the trade.
  • Mr Porky – Mr Porky is the UK’s leading savoury pork snack, selling around 20 million packs every year. Mr Porky holds the accolade of being the first pork scratching to reach both the North and South poles when it was selected as an ‘essential expedition snack’ by explorer David Hempleman-Adams, it was also the first pork scratching to appear as a cover-mounted give away in FHM magazine!!
  • Mr Scratchings – is a family-owned and run pork scratchings business. We have been selling pork scratchings for many years. Our pork scratchings are prepared to their very own unique recipe.
  • Mr Trotter – was born in 2011 from the shared passion of three pork scratching aficionados – Tom Parker Bowles, Matthew Fort, Rupert Ponsonby – and innovative pork scratching producer, Graham Jebb and Karyn Walker from RayGray Snacks.
  • Mr Tubs – Curators of the UK’s finest premium pork snacks. Our flavoured pork scratchings & pork crackling are created using the finest cuts, seasoning and double hand cooking methods to deliver a taste unmatched.
  • The Oink Company – The Oink Company make Traditional and Artisan Pork Scratchings for the connoisseurs of this great pub snack.
  • Openshaws – The Openshaw family have been making great tasting savoury snacks for over 40 years. They are based in Wigan, Lancashire, a town with a strong industrial heritage and spiritual home of rugby league & northern soul. They make a wide range of tasty treats, specialising in traditional pork snacks such as Scratchings, Crackling & Crunch. Using recipes and cooking methods passed down through the generations.
  • Original Black Country Scratchings – Pork crackling supplier in the West Midlands and North Wales
  • Porkitos (dead link now) – If you want to give your taste-buds a stroll down memory lane then dig into a bag of their crispy bites. They use modern technology and the finest ingredients to bring you a tasty, traditional snack that will take you back to the good times.
  • RayGray Snacks – RayGray Snacks is a specialist manufacturer of top-quality pork snack products and take pride in providing every client, large or small, with excellent customer service. Based in Rugeley, in the heart of Staffordshire, they have been producing high-quality pork snacks and supplying the Wholesale, Licence and Retail trade since 1995.
  • Rick’s Foods (dead link now) – Rick’s Foods is a supplier of quality food for licensed premises in the East Midlands. With competitive prices delivered directly to your door.
  • Scratch Kiings – Link to eBay Store
  • Scratch My Pork – Matthew Brownie, originally from New Zealand is the proud owner of ‘The Skibbereen Food Company’. Matthew, Pork Crackling Flavour Genius and Chef extraordinaire, has over twenty years of professional chef experience. Matthew first developed the idea of the unique snack with distinct flavourings after studying Culinary Arts at Cork Institute of Technology in 2011. While using new product development methods, and incorporating British, Irish and a bit of Kiwi gastronomy, he created the delicious snack. The pork crackling with an Irish twist, Scratch My Pork and The Skibbereen Food Company was born.
  • Shakey’s Scratchings – John Shakespeare opened Shakey’s for business in 1997, and has been personally serving the licensed trade in Dorset, Devon, Hampshire, Sussex and Wiltshire ever since.
  • Snaffling Pig – With just £500 in our pocket, we set out to launch a pork-snack based business to get more people talking. Life is hard, there’s a lot of stresses around with politics, mortgages, faddy diets, the relentless annoyances of social media. All this ‘utter bollocks’ gets in the way of people actually talking. The best times in our life are going out for dinner with our mates, playing darts in the pub with our dad, kicking a ball around in the garden with our daughter. These moments don’t involve expensive watches, fast cars or lavish locations. They’re GREAT memories as we’re spending time with people that REALLY matter to us.
  • The Curators – They have been busy continuing their mission to revolutionise meat snacks and creating these incredibly tasty and highly nutritious pork puffs! Light and crunchy pork snacks deliver a big flavour punch, these tasty on-the-go snacks are the perfect filling treat between meals, after a workout, or sitting with friends enjoying a favourite pint of craft beer
  • The Real Pork Crackling Company – Traditional product, perfected over the last 40 years, still produced using artisan methods yet refined for the modern consumer, removing all additives and making them irresistible.
  • Uncle Alberts – Different products to suit different tastes, All traditional hand cooked and carefully seasoned to perfection.
    Their mission is to supply the Licensed Trade with the best quality products, attractively packaged,
    at competitive prices via a network of dedicated specialist van sales distributors.
  • Westones Wholesale Ltd – they market their own brand of traditional Pork Scratchings. The brand has been under manufacture for almost 15 years now and is extremely popular locally and nationally. Westones pork scratchings have won awards from the Daily Express after being recommended by CAMRA (Campaign For Real Ale) for being the best pork scratchings on the market.
  • Whit Products – KVE & Pan Cooked Snacks, the official website of the Award-Winning Pan Cooked Pork Cracklins. Started from kitchen table origins as a family business established in Tipton, deep in the heart of pork scratching country, just after World War II. In the early days they produced hand-fried crisps but over the years have become specialists in pork scratchings.
  • Whittles Crisps (dead link now) – Based in Tipton in the West Midlands, near the heart of the ‘Black Country’ canal network. Their range of products caters exclusively for the coeliac (wheat-intolerant) sector. Whittles is part of the wider KVE group.
  • Yorkshire Produce (dead link now) – A small family business in the Yorkshire area that produces their own cooked meats. They are testing the water with some of their produce, see the review.


We have made a new page to list the UK Supermarkets that sell pork scratchings, so take a look here.


  • Epic – Artisinal Pork Skins
  • Evans Food – Pork cracklins are another favourite with a hearty crunch and distinct bacon flavour. Similar to pork rinds, they are produced from pellets, which are cooked pork skins. However, cracklin pellets are unmistakable in the fact that they are made from thicker and meatier raw material. By virtue of the fact, they are popped from a denser pellet they are more substantial than pork rinds with a decisively robust crunch & flavour.
  • Hoosier Hill Farm – Since 1999, Hoosier Hill Farm has offered high quality and unique wholesome products to its customers. They are located in America’s heartland of northeast Indiana. Their products and ingredients are guaranteed fresh and we are proud of our heritage and good, old-fashioned values!
  • Microwave Pork Rinds – Whatever next!.
  • Rudolph Foods – Light brown in colour, they are crunchy with a true smoked bacon flavour. Also – Microwave Pork Rinds!
  • Shearer’s – manufactures and distributes award-winning chips and snacks.
  • Carolina Country Snacks – Home of Low Carb pork rinds and pork skins… They cook and package daily for our enjoyment!


  • Pascal’s Pork Scratchings – Pascal’s Pork Scratchings are high protein, low carbs, premium ready to eat pork crackling, that is hand cut & slow-cooked with no preservatives or MSG.
  • Poppa Porkys – Poppa Porkys based in Western Australia, produce and distribute quality products including pork crackle, safari biltong, hot chow and beef jerky.


  • The Original Pork Scratchings Company (dead link now) – The founding fathers of the Original Pork Scratchings Company are a couple of Wellington boys who discovered pork scratchings on their OE to the UK. After becoming connoisseurs of English pubs while sampling local brews and bar snacks, a consensus was reached that pork scratchings were the highlight of British cuisine.
  • Sniks Pork Crackle – tasty bite-sized, mouth-watering pieces of seasoned pork crackle/scratchings made in Cambridge, New Zealand.


  • lyka snacks (dead link now) – A Danish producer!


  • Wilthagen vleeswaren b.v. – A producer from Holland, Wilthagen products is a modern foods company, they produce pork rinds and the modern bacon snack.