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There's only one reason to sign up to this newsletter and that is if you are LAZY. Like me.

What? Well, it's a total ballache to visit a website again and again to see what's new. It's like going into a charity shop 1 day after your last visit, hoping to find something amazing, only to realise that it's the same old stuff you saw yesterday, but it's all been messed up by 24 hours of other people browsing.

Social Media

If you follow a fair number of social media accounts, it's sod's law that the next time you login, you will miss (or have missed) a post that's interesting. That is unless you are in there all day, scrolling, scrolling, not paying any real attention, with a real fear of missing out being the only real reason you are scrolling, scrolling, still not paying any real attention. If you are the type of person who spends far too long scrolling (you know who you are), then there's no real reason to sign up to this newsletter, unless you are a belt and braces kind of guy.

What to Expect from the Newsletter

I post to the blog, when either some news appears in front of me or when I find some time to actually write something (not often). Pork scratching and drinking related news, it's all there for you to absorb. These posts are then collated and added to the 'automatic' newsletter that I have set up. A roundup of the past 30 days worth of posts. If I don't post, there will be no newsletter.

So why not sign up to the newsletter, it will save you coming back every few days to check for new news!

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