'Found' pork scratching pictures

What on earth are 'found' pork scratching pictures? Did we pick these up off the pavement? Well, no, that's another project I have up my sleeve. Anyway, over the years and after extensive searching on the internet, we 'found' these pictures, copied them here, distilled the multitude of pig skin images available to the world, down to a few that we like, think are funny or interesting.

If I could find a credit or link, I would have added one, but I found most of these way before images rights became something I knew I should worry about. If you took the picture and want a credit, let me know and I'll sort it accordingly. I have had my images taken from this site and used elsewhere, and frankly, if you ask, I'll probably say yes. I have a feeling that the pork scratchings & beer community consists of a mostly relaxed bunch of members.

If you are looking for general images of pork scratchings, then google images has a good selection, click here to see some, or if you are looking for some actual pictures of pork scratchings then click here to look at some we took.

found peach pip picture - Found Pork Scratching Pictures