Tabasco Scorpion Sauce nearly 20times hotter than Original Red 1 - TABASCO® Scorpion Sauce

TABASCO® Scorpion Sauce

TABASCO® Scorpion Sauce Tabasco Scorpion Sauce is nearly 20-times hotter than the Original Tabasco Sauce, so if hot is your thing, then this might fit the bill. It looks like it’s only available in the US at the moment, and even there it’s sold out! TABASCO® Scorpion Hot Sauce is now the hottest pepper sauce […]

Weak Knees Sriracha 3 1 - Weak Knees Sriracha

Weak Knees Sriracha

The Sriracha Weak Knees by Bushwick Kitchen looks like a good addition to a nice Bloody Mary. It’s called Weak Knees for a reason – because it’s unlike any Sriracha you’ve ever tasted. Dab up a breakfast sandwich, douse a charbroiled hamburger, or spice up that casserole for a more exciting dinner. Bushwick Kitchen also […]