20170511 140705 1 1 - Beer Bods Delivery

Beer Bods Delivery

Happy Days… 12 new beers delivered from the nice people at Beer Bods #beerbods Beer Bods is a beer club, ‘one beer and the story behind it, delivered for £3 a week’, so let’s give it a go! I have joined the club. So, Every Thursday I’ll be trying one of the arrivals! This week, […]

range 1 - And Union Update

And Union Update

An ‘And Union’ update to my earlier post – Amazing Beer Can Design They have been in touch and informed me that you can buy their beers in the UK! here is the link CLICK HERE, Fill your basket! yum. instagram @andUnion | facebook /andUnion | twitter @andUnion

QBong Pressurized Beer Bong 2 - QBong Pressurized Beer Bong

QBong Pressurized Beer Bong

A beer bong is a pretty good way to get a lot of beer inside your body in a very short timespan. This Q-Bong Beer Bong($20) uses a pressurised reservoir and a one-handed trigger valve so you can basically squirt all that beer down your throat as fast as humanly possible. There’s a pressure bulb […]

range 1 - Amazing beer can design...

Amazing beer can design…

Amazing beer can design… What can I say, fantastic fresh look at beer can design. Different is not always the way to get your head above the crowd. The world is full of different but bad designs. But these are different, simple, clean, textured cans from AND UNION. Let’s hope what’s inside has been created […]